Ali Clift: Beyond the Big Top


Ali Clift: Beyond the Big Top


Essay by Allan J. Palmer

Drawing from circus images, Ali Clift’s work conveys a sense of space and illusion. Tiny performers dwell in enormous circus tents and in vast, barren landscapes. Bright spotlights and mysterious shadows often pierce these scenes, creating checkerboards of contrasting values. Ali's lighting techniques are masterful and activate these spaces with dramatic intensity and surreal isolation. This book features reproductions of 58 cloth paintings and 97 graphic works.

  • Published by Pucker Art Publications, Boston, MA, 1988
  • Distributed by David R. Godine, Boston, MA
  • Slip-cased hardcover book, 9 x 11"
  • 84 pages with full color images
  • ISBN: 0-87923-761-9
  • Price: $35.00
  • Shipping: $10.00
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