The Art of Gerald Garston, A Good Life in Your Eyes


The Art of Gerald Garston, A Good Life in Your Eyes


Essays by Bud Collins and Alicia Currier Kallay

The lively and bountiful paintings of Gerald Garston invite the viewer into a world that simultaneously comforts in its simplicity and vitalizes with its ingenuity and skill. Garston was first a student, then a beloved teacher of color and form. Through a strong knowledge and interest in art history, Garston engaged in a range of genres and demonstrated through his painting a great understanding of the artistic lineage of the late-twentieth century painter. However, in an era when many artists shifted toward complete abstraction, Garston never abandoned his cherished subject matters – historical figures, sports icons, abundant fruits and the classic nude, among others. His paintings, though seemingly simple, are carefully choreographed scenes of shape and hue. Even after his death, his paintings continue to be great lessons to students of art, and joyous experiences for all viewers. This major volume on Gerald Garston's work from 1965 to 1992 reproduces and discusses his oil paintings on a variety of subject matters. It contains an introduction by sports aficionado and writer, Bud Collins. The interpretive essay by Alicia Currier Kallay places Garston's work in both an art historical and personal context.

  • Published by Pucker Art Publications, Boston, MA, 2005
  • Distributed by Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY
  • Slip-cased hardcover book, 11.25 x 9"
  • 78 pages with full color images
  • ISBN: 1-879985-13-6
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