Return to Vilna in the Art of Samuel Bak


Return to Vilna in the Art of Samuel Bak


Essays by Lawrence L. Langer and Samuel Bak

In September 2001, Samuel Bak was honored with a major exhibition at the National Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius. Return to Vilna is a tribute to the artist's return to his birthplace; to the place of his childhood happiness; to the streets of his tenuous survival during World War II; and to the memorial for his grandparents and father, who did not survive. Bak's journey was marked by memories, profound sadness, and a great awareness of his responsibilities to express the spirits of all who were destroyed. The twenty larger painting included in this volume are based on eighty smaller works, all inspired by his return to Vilna. In this book, filled with color illustrations, Holocaust Scholar Lawrence L. Langer discusses the rich symbolic significance and uniqueness of Samuel Bak's art.

  • Published by Pucker Art Publications, Boston, MA, 2007
  • Distributed by Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY
  • Slip-cased hardcover book, 8.5 x 11"
  • 124 pages with full color images
  • ISBN 1-879985-17-9
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